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Doral, Fl residents are no strangers to hot summers and dying lawns. Most try to save their lawns by watering, but with the watering restrictions set forth by Miami-Dade county, what more can you do to have a plush, healthy lawn that will survive the summer? 

If your sprinkler system giving you problems, you need to call Greenstar Irrigation today. Greenstar Irrigation is a fully licensed irrigation contractor servicing Doral, Florida and surrounding areas. We offer a 7-point sprinkler inspection to isolate and repair issues with your current irrigation system. Issues such as:

  • Do you have brown spots in your lawn?
  • Is your water bill too high?
  • Is your watering system having trouble keeping up with new landscaping?
  • Do you keep forgetting to water on your designated days?
  • Are places in your lawn getting overwatered while others are drying up?
  • Do all your sprinkler heads work properly?
  • Is water being wasted during your sprinkler cycle by watering driveways, sidewalks, or pools?
  • Are you constantly replacing sprinkler heads due to breakage?

Greenstar's initial inspection of your sprinkler system can diagnose these and other problems to get your lawn growing and maintained year-round, despite imposing water restrictions set forth by Miami-Dade County.

Watering Restrictions for Miami-Dade County

All residents of Miami-Dade County must adhere to the restricted watering schedules set-forth by the county:

  • odd-numbered street addresses may water lawns and landscapes on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays, only before 10 a.m. OR after 4 p.m.
  • even-numbered street address, may water lawns and landscapes on Thursdays and/or Sundays, only before 10 a.m. OR after 4 p.m.

Many homeowners can't seem to maintain a green lawn year-round while still abiding by these watering restrictions, but it can be done. Greenstar will evaluate your current system and eliminate its weak points while capitalizing on the stronger parts of the system. This ensures better distribution of water across all parts, feeding your lawn when it needs it and helping it preserve moisture between watering days so it can survive the hot Florida summers Doral residents get.

Even if you have a high-dollar irrigation system, it still is susceptible to wear and tear. Sprinkler heads break and get twisted so they no longer offer adequate coverage. Environmental wear and tear on pipes, heads, and controls all take a toll on your watering system. Whether it is environmental wear, product lifespan, or faulty design or installation, Greenstar will keep your irrigation system running smoothly year-round, which mean your lawn will look great year-round.



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"Peter M of Greenstar landscaping and irrigation took care of our sprinkler system a couple of weeks ago. His service was outstanding. We had several broken sprinkler heads, water deprived areas of our lawn and garden and other maintenance issues. Peter responded quickly to my call, within several hours by coming to our property, spending time looking everything over and giving me a verbal quote for the work. I felt very comfortable with Peter and his team of workers. They were very professional."

"Very professional crew. Very satisfied with the work done."

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